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There's always something newsworthy happening at Cheekwood!  Click on these links to read highlights of news coverage about us from the past few months.

Modern Twist

Beyond the Bamboo Curtain, Nashville Arts, March 2014
Bamboo Art Celebration, The Tennessean, March 2014

Patrick Dougherty
Art Exhibits are All the Buzz, The Tennessean, January 2014
Cheekwood Sculptures Branch Out, The Tennessean, March 2014
Cheekwood Welcomes Patrick Dougherty, West Meade News, March 2014
Branching Out, Nashville Scene, April 2014

Scholastic Writing and Art Competition
Student Artists Featured, The Tennessean, January 2014

Holiday at Cheekwood
The SL Holiday Must List - Meet a Reindeer, Southern Living, December 2013
Cheekwood Continues its Holiday Celebration, The Tennessean, December 2013
Holiday at Cheekwood Nears an End, The Tennessean, December 2013
Martinis and Mistletoe, The Tennessean, December 2013
Cheekwood Announces Holiday Festival Schedule, Williamson Herald, December 2013
Reindeer Games, Tennessee Home and Farm, December 2013

Cheekwood Harvest
Cheekwood Harvest Celebrates Bounty of Fall, The Tennessean, September 2013
Fall into Fun at Cheekwood, Nashville Parent, September 2013
Fall Harvest Dinner At Cheekwood, The Tennessean, October 2013
Harvest Dinner at Cheekwood, Nashville Arts, November 2013

Six of the Most Affecting Works from Cheekwood's More Love, Nashville Scene, October 2013
More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing Since the 1990s, Nashville Arts, September 2013
Contemporary Residence, Nashville Scene, September 2013
Labor of Love, Nashville Lifestyles, September 2013
Unique Cheekwood Exhibit Looks at "Love", Out and About Nashville, September 2013
Win, Love, or Draw, Nashville Scene, September 2013

LIGHT: Bruce Munro at Cheekwood
LIGHT Every Night, The Tennessean, November 2013
LIGHT, The Book, October 2013
Last Chance to LIGHT Up Your Night, Nashville Parent, October 2013
Cheekwood Exhibit Lights up the Night, Davidson A.M., August 2013
Light up the Night, Social, August/September 2013 
Bringing Bright Ideas to the Classroom, Nashville Arts, August 2013
Reviews have been glowing American Way Magazine, July 2013
'Red, LIGHT and Blue,' The Tennessean, July 2013
Daydreams Arise From Night 'LIGHT,' The Tennessean, July 2013
Garden of Light, NFocus Magazine, July 2013
Cheekwood's Frolic with the Fireflies, West Side News, July 2013
Summer Staycation is Fun for Whole Family, The Tennessean, June 2013
Lightweight; If You Thought Avatar Was a Good Movie, You'll Probably Love LIGHT, Nashville Scene Magazine, June 2013
Nashville's cookin', New York Post, June 2013
Art Review- LIGHT:  Bruce Munro at Cheekwood, Nashville Parent Magazine, June 2013
"LIGHT" Feature Airs on NPT, The Tennessean, June 2013
Cheekwood Illuminated by Munro's LIGHTS, Mature Lifestyles, June 2013
Cheekwood Presents Acclaimed Artist Bruce Munro for Second-Ever U.S. Exhibit,, June 2013
LIGHT:  Bruce Munro Patron Preview Party, The Tennessean, June 2013
Lights On!, Nashville Arts Magazine, June 2013
NPT This Month, Nashville Arts Magazine, June 2013
New Exhibit In Nashville, Martha Stewart Living, May 2013
Artist Munro LIGHTs up Cheekwood, The Daily Herald, May 2013
Frolic with Fireflies, The Tennessean, May 2013
Cheekwood Wows With 'LIGHT' Show, West Meade News, May 2013
Cheekwood Twinkles with Bruce Munro's 'LIGHT' Landscape, The Tennessean, May 2013
Cheekwood Sets Summer Nights Aglow with Bruce Munro's 'LIGHT', The Tennessean, May 2013
Artist Bruce Munro LIGHTS UP THE NIGHT at Cheekwood, The Tennessean, May 2013
Bruce Munro to LIGHT up Gardens, The Tennessean, May 2013
Sneak Peak:  Bruce Munro's 'LIGHT' Illumines Cheekwood, Nashville Public Radio, May 2013
Bruce Munro's LIGHT, Nashville Scene Magazine, May 2013
Art Creates a City, Nashville Arts Magazine, May 2013
LIGHT: Bruce Munro Exhibit at Cheekwood, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, May 2013
Your Own Private Fairytale:  LIGHT Opens Tomorrow at Cheekwood, Nashville Scene Magazine, May 2013
Six Reasons to GET OUTSIDE, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, May 2013
Let There Be LIGHT at Cheekwood, Today's Homes, May 2013
Let There Be LIGHT, Nashville Arts Magazine, April 2013
Night LIGHT, Backpage, April 2013
"LIGHT' Cheekwood Exhibit Prepares to Dazzle, Green Hills News, April 2013
Cheekwood, Nashville Arts Magazine Gallery Guide, 2013

Family Night Out
Family Night at Cheekwood, The Tennessean, July 2013
Thursdays Bring Family Fun to Cheekwood, Nashville Parent Magazine, June 2013
Cheekwood, The Tennessean, June 2013

Affectionately Yours: American Miniature Portraits and the Stories They Tell
American Miniature Portraits, American Art Review, April 2013
Big Exhibit Features Miniatures, The Tennessean, March 2013
Tiny Tales: Affectionately Yours: American Miniature Portraits and the Stories They Tell, Nashville Scene Magazine, February 2013
Miniatures Tell Stories Behind the Art, West Meade News, February 2013

Dorothy O’Connor: Martin Shallenberger Artist in Residence in 2013
O'Connor's Installation Closes Soon, The Tennessean, June 2013
Critics' Picks: Weekly Roundup of Things to Do, Nashville Scene, April 2013
Six Ways to Celebrate the Arts, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, April 2013
Dorothy O'Connor's Installations at Once Cozy and Creepy, The Tennessean, March 2013

Cheekwood In Bloom
Holidays Begin with a Taste of Spring, Davidson A.M., November 2013
Garden Calendar, The Tennessean, March 2013
Cheekwood Set to Welcome an 'Exceptionally Beautiful' Spring, Mature Lifestyles, March 2013
Cheekwood Welcomes Spring with Thousands of Blooms, Special Events, Green Hills News, March 2013
'Cheekwood in Bloom' Continues Through April 30, Spring Lawn & Garden Guide, March 2013

Swan Ball
The Swan Ball, NFocus Magazine, July 2013
On the Town with Ted Clayton- The Swan Ball, Nashville Arts Magazine, July 2013
The Swan Ball
, Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, July 2013
Swan Ball
, Social Magazine, June/July 2013
The Swan Ball, The Tennessean, June 2013

Highballs & Hydrangeas
Highballs and Hydrangeas, Davidson A.M. - The Tennessean, May 2013
Highballs & Hydrangeas at Cheekwood, Your Williamson, May 2013
Garden Party, Highballs & Hydrangeas, Nashville Scene Magazine, April 2013

National Public Gardens Day
Garden Calendar, The Tennessean, May 2013
Celebrate Cheekwood's Gardens During Free Day, The Tennessean, May 2013
Cheekwood to Offer Free Admission on Friday, Davidson A.M. - The Tennessean, May 2013
Cheekwood Offers Free Admission, Green Hills News, May 2013

Prettiest Porches in the South
, Southern Living, May 2014

100,000 Tulips
, Nashville Parent, March 2014
Sigourney Cheek, 2nd and Church, March 2014
The Real Countess of Downton Abbey, NFocus, February 2014
Garden Designers Bring Home the Gold, The Tennessean, February 2014
Cheekwood Grabs Spotlight, The Tennessean, March 2014
Summer Camp Guide
, The Tennessean, February 2014
Best of Nashville
, Nashville Scene, December 2013
Celebrate the Dead at Cheekwood, The Tennessean, November 2013
Say "Cheese" at Cheekwood, The Tennessean, October 2013
Wicked Carving: Lundy Cupp Pumpkin Carver, Nashville Scene, October 2013
A One Year Membership at Cheekwood, Nashville Parent, October 2013
Cheekwood: Baby Art Experience, Nashville Arts, October 2013
Not Even the Crows Are Scared, The Tennessean, October 2013

Women in Business, Nashville Lifestyles, August 2013
The Recommended List, NFocus, August 2013
Fitness Fun on Fridays at Cheekwood, Nashville Parent Magazine, July 2013
A Little Light Magic, NFocus Magazine, July 2013
Girls' Night Out, NFocus Magazine, July 2013
Cheekwood Studies New Entrance off Highway 100, West Side News, July 2013
Cheekwood's July Sessions of Art Camps for Children of All Ages Still Have Some Spots Available, Too, The Tennessean, July 2013
Lunch and Lecture at Cheekwood- Wits' End, The Tennessean, June 2013
Fitness Fridays at Cheekwood, The Tennessean, June 2013
Memberships Make Sense for Families, The Tennessean, June 2013
Summer Camp with Lauren Rolwing, Nashville Arts Magazine, June 2013
Chance Meeting Leads to Permanent Travel Partnership, The Tennessean, June 2013
Coming Up Tulips, NFocus Magazine, June 2013
Garden Tips, Tasks for June, The Tennessean, June 2013
Spiritual Home: Nashville, ELLE Magazine, May 2013
Cheekwood's Sigourney Cheek Literary Garden Opens May 19, Green Hills News, May 2013
Cheekwood Society Celebration, The Tennessean, May 2013
Local Briefs, Nashville Parent Magazine, May 2013
Seven Local Ladies Who Influence, Impact and Inspire Your Social Life, Social Magazine, April/May, 2013
Canopy Climb at Cheekwood, The Tennessean, April 2013
The Howe Garden at Cheekwood, Today's Homes, April 2013
Cheekwood Abbey, NFocus Magazine, April 2013
Cheekwood Honored for Dogwood Trees, West Meade News, April 2013
Hummingbirds, Thousands, NFocus Magazine, March 2013
Hop on Down Bunny Trails, The Tennessean, March 2013
Nature Calling, Nashville Parent Magazine, March 2013
Cheekwood Expert to Talk About Dogwood Trees, Dogwood Arts House & Garden Show, February 2013
Getting in the Loop:  21st Century Skills at Cheekwood, Nashville Arts Magazine, February 2013
Inspiring Student Art, Nashville Parent Magazine, February 2013
Cheekwood Botanical Gardens:  An American Country Place Estate, Social Magazine, January 2013

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