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Knowing how to spot and treat potential problems can literally mean the difference between life and death for your favorite flowers, trees and shrubs. Cheekwood’s experts can help you identify these common springtime ailments and keep your plants lively for the long run! 

PLANT HEROES is an interactive and informational website that helps us detect and combat bugs and diseases that harm plants and ecosystem health.Plant Heros supplies mission details and scientific supplies in order to defeat “bad bugs and pathogens” in specific, targeted areas of the US that are affected by these plant and tree enemies. Demonstrate your commitment to protecting our trees from serious pests and diseases by signing the Plant Heroes Pledge!

EMERALD ASH BORER: What Can a Little Bug Do?
Emerald ash borer (EAB) arrived in North America from Asia in 2002, killing millions of ash trees since. It was found in Davidson County in September 2014 and will pose a threat to the ash trees on your property.  Click here to find out!

BOXWOOD BLIGHT (BB) was confirmed in Davidson County in 2014 and has the potential to have devastating effects on our landscape. Fortunately, prevention is easy.

This fungal disease of plants in the boxwood family (Buxaceae) spreads naturally by water movement and is able to survive in the soil for several years. Once infected, plants develop leaf and stem lesions within 72 hours; defoliation follows quickly. While BB is not itself fatal, it can allow other infections to establish and cause plant death.  How do you prevent it?  Click here to find out!


Botanical Resources

The Botanical Garden serves as a clearing house for information on plants and organizations of interest to gardeners, garden clubs and homeowners. The office of the Horticultural Society of Middle Tennessee is in Botanic Hall and serves as the umbrella organization for the seventy garden clubs in the region. Many plant societies hold their meetings at Cheekwood.


Tennessee Gesneriad Society

Horticultural Society of Middle Tennessee

Ikebana International, Chapter 5

Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society

Middle Tennessee Daylily

Middle Tennessee Hosta Society

Nashville Bonsai Society

Nashville Rose Society

Orchid Society of Middle Tennessee

Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee

Professional Landscape Association of Nashville TN 

The Herb Society of Nashville


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