Botanical Watercolors Teacher Workshop: Tulips

March 23, 2018   |   9:00am - 4:00pm

Cheekwood in Bloom

Botanical Watercolors Teacher Workshop: Tulips

Botanical Watercolors at Cheekwood

This workshop is currently sold out. 
Explore the techniques used for centuries by artists who portrayed, in accurate detail, the flora and fauna of our world. Learn dry brush watercolor, color theory and other methods for the lovely depiction of nature. Emphasis is on detailed plant portraits in true form and color. Master the art of capturing the intricacies of light and shadow in the complexity of the beauty of growing things. Pencil rendering and color mixing for accuracy will be covered as well as layering and other dry brush techniques of botanical watercolor painting. Examples of nineteenth-century European Botanical Art will be presented during the course and a textbook suggested. This workshop is led by teaching artist Mary Gwyn Bowen and will be held at Watkins College of Art.

Cost of this workshop is free and lunch is included. Pre-registration for this workshop is required.


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