Dogs and Dogwoods

Cheekwood Goes to the Dogs!

On Sunday, April 23 we hosted our first-ever Dogs and Dogwoods event to bookend the Cheekwood in Bloom season. Cheekwood’s nationally-accredited dogwood collection is often the star of the end of the spring season, after the famous Cheekwood tulips have made their debut. To celebrate the end of the annual springtime festival, we invited guests to join us for a dog-friendly day in the gardens, where leashed dogs were free to come and enjoy the grounds for a full day.

We also used the event as a chance to hold a donations drive for Nashville Humane Association, our local animal shelter. Thanks to the generosity of our guests, we were able to donate a cart full of items off the NHA’s wish list.

NHA logo

Stay tuned for more dog-friendly events at Cheekwood, and more opportunities to donate to our friends at NHA.

Dogwoods at Cheekwood

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