Entertainers & Vendors

Entertainers & Vendors

While we hoped to celebrate El Día de los Muertos festival in person this year, we are excited to virtually promote a variety of entertainers, food vendors, and artisans! Scroll to watch videos, visit websites, and learn more.


Aztec Dancers

A perennial favorite, the Aztec dancers have performed in numerous places across Cheekwood’s grounds. In 2010, they danced next to Chihuly pieces behind the Frist Learning Center. In 2018, they provided a bright spot on a rainy day in front of the Historic Cheek Mansion & Museum. And in 2019, in honor of the 20th anniversary of El Día de los Muertos at Cheekwood, they led two parades through the grounds and capped each with a stunning performance.


DUO SUDESTE is a classical guitar duo based in Nashville. They perform music from Latin and South America arranged or composed for two guitars. The duo has released two CD’s showcasing their diverse repertoire. DUO SUDESTE was formed in 2008 by Robert Thompson and Joey Butler. Merging their love of Latin music, classical guitar, and knowledge of Latin rhythms, they formed a guitar duo specializing in composers from South America — mainly Argentina and Brazil. As active performers, they have performed numerous concerts and on NPR’s Live in Studio C and The Intimate Guitar in Dayton, Ohio. Their debut CD entitled Viagem ao Sul (Voyage to the South) was released in 2015. DUO SUDESTE blends the relaxing calm and the fiery soul found in Latin American music.

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Luna Morena

Luna Morena is a bilingual international music singer and actor. Born in Mexico City, she performs traditional Mexican and Latin music. During her performances, Luna traditionally dresses as “La Catrina” to explain the beautiful Mexican, artistic, and cultural tradition between her songs.

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Rachel Rodriguez

Rachel Rodriguez has established herself, in the Nashville music scene, as an enchanting front woman. She has taken her musical roots and created a style of her own. The combination of her Latino heritage, Rock and Roll attitude and soulful voice give her a unique sound. You can count on her powerful vocals to be backed up by a stellar line-up, of Nashville’s top musicians. Her eclectic blend of Latin, Rock, and Soul music is a vibrant soundscape, shining a light on Nashville’s diverse musical and cultural community.

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Serenatta is Nashville’s first and only Latin Romantic Ensemble. Led by violinist Pablo Garzon, a native of Bogata, Colombia, we feature music from many different regions of South America. From Tangos and Pasodobles, to Bossa Novas and Waltzes our music is perfect for dancing or creating an invigorating atmosphere. We aim to bring cultures together through entertainment, education and enlightenment.

Vendors - Food

Conexión Américas

Since 2002, Conexión Américas has been a vital part of Nashville and Tennessee. Our mission is building a welcoming community and creating opportunities where Latino families can belong, contribute and succeed. Each year, thousands of individuals and families participate in our programs; learning English, starting businesses, investing in their children’s education and path to college, and much more.

In partnership with Bongo Java, Conexión Américas has developed Coffee Cultura, a fair trade, organic coffee experience that provides the richness coffee connoisseurs expect while supporting the mission of Conexión Américas. Pickup will be arranged from Casa Azafrán at 2195 Nolensville Pike, Nashville.

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Las Fajitas Mexican Restaurant

Las Fajitas offers authentic Mexican food, desserts, and drinks. As part of Cheekwood’s El Dia de los Muertos for the last five or six years, they always try to bring the best of their culture to the event. For this virtual event, they have new menu items to offer such as gorditas, tamales, champurrado, and a variety of fresh waters. This year the restaurant also added an ice cream shop with a wide variety on ice creams flavors (100% Mexican favors).

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Two Peruvian Chefs in a Truck

Chef Roberto Bernabe and Marcio Florez are two Peruvian chefs committed to bring authentic Peruvian cuisine to Music city. They bring different roots from Peru with unique flavors. All of their dishes are made to order inside of their red food trailer, they are prepared with genuine Peruvian ingredients, with the highest standards of quality, respect and passion.

For this virtual event, their menu will feature fresh authentic Peruvian tacos with refreshing ceviches and many more comforting items such as papas rellenas.

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Vendors - Goods

Bows by Nici

Bows by Nici has participated in Cheekwood’s El Dia de los Muertos for the last five years, and as such, always brings new products. This year, the artisan will feature Frida dolls, crochet shawls, and shirts. Additionally, shoppers will be able to customize some of the products.

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Cody Hale Art

El Dia de los Muertos is one of the many cultural celebrations that has inspired Cody Hale’s artwork. He is fascinated by the lively celebration of the dead and the colorful imagery and has created several pieces directly related to it. Sugar skulls, and skulls in general, are portrayed in many of his pieces. The artist’s website also includes original ink illustrations, prints, and handmade clay necklace pendants.

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Ecohandmade presents colorful, original Peruvian crafts for sale, such as alpaca fur toys and wool sweaters, embroidery belts, gemstone jewelry, handmade face masks, and much more. These products show how people can demonstrate their happiness in their artwork.

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Purple Spiney Oyster

Based in Taos, New Mexico, Purple Spiney Oyster presents organic and found object wearable art, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and tapestries. The artisan is developing special lines of works with textiles, pottery, copper, fossils, and more that continue to honor Mexican and Indigenous culture.

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