The Cheekwood Collections

Fine Art

The Cheekwood Collections include paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, and sculpture, with an emphasis on American Art produced between 1910 and 1970. The Cheekwood Collections regularly rotates. Please visit Current Exhibitions to learn what is currently on view, or contact our Museum staff with specific questions at

The Eight

Among its many strengths, The Cheekwood Collections holds a significant amount of works by the early 20th-century American artist group known as “The Eight.” These artists teamed together to create their own artistic society that would portray the reality of life at the turn of the century, often presenting harsh renderings of urban industrialization and societal segregation. The rich, dark tones and loose brushstrokes that characterize this group were considered daring and evocative at the time, but the work of the following artists paved the way for the development of American painting in the 20th century:

  • Robert Henri
  • Everett Shinn
  • Ernest Lawson
  • John Sloan
  • Arthur B. Davies
  • Maurice Prendergast
  • George Luks
  • William Glackens


Notable Artists in the Collection

 Among the mid- and late-20th century selection of The Cheekwood Collections, Cheekwood holds examples of works by artists from the Modernism, Post-Modernism, and POP Art movements, such as:

  • Andy Warhol
  • Jamie Wyeth
  • Robert Rauschenberg
  • Larry Rivers
  • David Hockney
  • Alex Katz


Nashville Artists

Cheekwood takes great pride in works created by artists who have lived and worked in Nashville, including sculptor William Edmondson, photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe, and multi-media artist Red Grooms.

Outdoor Sculpture Collection/Ann & Monroe Carell Jr. Family Sculpture Trail

Sculpture Trail at Cheekwood

Cheekwood offers a unique environment in which to experience outdoor contemporary sculpture. The permanent collection features a diverse range of artworks—many commissioned specifically for the institution—created by regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized artists from Germany, Spain, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and installed across the institution’s 55-acre estate.

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Decorative Arts

The Cheekwood Collections of Decorative Arts includes objects representing a variety of cultures, artistic genres, materials, and craftsmanship. The Decorative Arts selections are made up of niche collections, each of great quality and beauty.

Cheek Family Collection

The Historic Mansion & Museum is considered the largest object in The Cheekwood Collections. Built in 1929, it is a masterpiece of the 18th-Century English architectural Georgian-style. Numerous architectural elements date to the 18th century and were purchased by the Cheeks to be incorporated into the construction of their home.

The Historic Mansion & Museum was gifted to the state in 1957 when a charter was drafted for the creation of the Tennessee Botanical Gardens and Fine Art Center. Following the 2017 restoration and refurnishing, many of family original pieces of Decorative and Fine Art are now permanently on display in the restored historic interiors.


Chinese Snuff Bottles

The first gift to The Cheekwood Collections in 1958, the Chinese Snuff Bottles are miniature artisanal objects which include great detail and are made of a variety of materials from porcelain to ivory. Over 500 of these small, intricate medicinal devices demonstrate extraordinary skill as well as provide an insight into a tradition of the past.


American and European Silver

The Silver Collection is made up of 650 pieces, spanning the 18th, 19th and 20th century. American and European SilverIncluded in this collection are examples of American and European objects, which demonstrate the variations in forms and decoration happening concurrently on both continents. Silversmiths represented in this collection include: Hester Bateman, American (1709-1794), Paul Revere, American (1734-1818), Samuel Kirk, American (1793-1872).


American Art Pottery

In 2006, a significant collection of 27 examples of early 20th-Century American Art Pottery was given to Cheekwood, with representation from many of the finest studios.

  • Fulper Pottery Company, Flemington, New Jersey
  • Newcomb Pottery, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Rookwood Pottery, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Louis Comfort Tiffany Studios, New York, New York
  • Weller Pottery, Fultonham, Ohio

English Worcester Porcelain

The Ewers-Tyne gift of English Worcester porcelain in the 1970s began this particular collecting tradition of gifts and acquisitions, making English Worcester Porcelain at Cheekwood Cheekwood’s collection the third largest in the United States. Over 350 pieces make up this collection, and range from the 18th to the 20th century.

Historic Interiors

In 1932, the Cheek family moved into their newly finished home, known as Cheekwood. The interior of the house contained thirty-three rooms, many with specific purposes and features. Today, Cheekwood interprets twelve of those original thirty-three rooms as spaces that replicate both the look and feeling of Cheekwood during the 1930s, what is often referred to as “The Hey Day.” These twelve rooms are located on two levels, the Ground Floor and First Floor of the historic residence, which operates as the Museum of Art (galleries are located on the Second Floor).

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