The Bloom series signifies the explosion of technology during the Industrial Revolution mirrored by the advancements of the twenty-first century. The vessels are inspired by early nineteenth-century porcelain tureens crafted with twenty-first-century methods and materials.

The title and structure of the Bloom series is a play on the words “Bloom and Boom” and the similar imagery they create. That is, the radiating rods and starbursts of each vessel are simultaneously reminiscent of an explosion and a blooming flower.

Purple Bloom is from Michael Eden’s original limited-edition series where he created a structure from a multitude of rods printed in starburst forms. This vessel is based on an early nineteenth-century Wedgwood tureen.

Purple Bloom is displayed in the Drawing Room at Cheekwood, as it makes a decorative link to the Pair of Covered Urns in the front two corners.

Purple Bloom, 2011
3D-Printed nylon with soft mineral coating

Michael Eden, b. 1955

On loan from Adrian Sassoon

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