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Local Black artists, identified by Cheekwood and the Black Arts Bash Advisory Committee, were asked to contribute works to the exhibition. Additionally, Cheekwood sought work from Nashville-area 10th-12th grade students who identify as Black or mixed-race, and the working artists selected pieces from these emerging artists to be included in the exhibition. Through different media, including illustration, pottery, photography, and painting, visitors are invited to view the world through the lens of several generations of artists of color. Over 40 works will be on view in Cheekwood’s Frist Learning Center from August 20 – September 4, 2022.

Featured Artists: Barbara Higgins Bond, Justin French, DaShawn Lewis, Erihii Eric Nyamor, Kimberly Manson, Shadale Smith, XPayne

Emerging Artists: Jayda Adams, Jayden Adams, Ibti Cheko, Lauren Derrick, Kory’on Harris, Aniyah Gibbs, Haley James, Fox (Caitlin) Nelson, William Scott, Sheala Smartt, Javiun Vaughn

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