Cheekwood Summer Camp 2020

Cheekwood Summer Camp 2020

Welcome to Cheekwood Summer Camp 2020! We realize this year has been difficult for many and we look forward to welcoming campers back to Cheekwood for learning, creative expression, and exploration. Please take a moment to read through the information below, which details the policies and procedures which have been put in place to keep campers and Cheekwood staff safe. Some elements of camp will look different than you’ve seen in the past, so even if you are a seasoned Cheekwood camper, there will be information that pertains to you.

Before your camper comes to Cheekwood, please take a moment to speak with them about the importance of wearing their mask whenever they are inside or instructed by a member of the camp staff. Make sure they understand the importance of maintaining proper social distance and washing or sanitizing their hands frequently. Additionally, please let them know that a camp staff member will take their temperature every morning when they arrive at Cheekwood. If they don’t have a temperature and can answer no to the three screening questions, which are listed below, they will be ready for the day. If their temperature is higher than 100.4 or the answer to any of the screening questions is yes, we will request that the child return home for the day.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. You can always reach out to camp staff by emailing or calling the camp line at 615-353-2151. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

General Information

• Camp staff will wear masks at all times when in the presence of campers.

• Campers are to wear masks inside buildings and when instructed by camp staff. When outside with enough space, campers will be able to remove their masks.

• Social distancing will be maintained. Camp staff will help make sure campers are keeping 6 feet from one another.

• Campers will be instructed to wash and sanitize their hands throughout the day, particularly before and after lunch and bathroom breaks.

• Tables and chairs in classrooms have been set up to help maintain proper social distancing.

• Camp staff and campers will be screened daily, using temperature checks and the following questions:

• Have you/Has your child been in contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19?

• Are you/Is your child experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms such as a cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, sore throat or loss of taste or smell?

• Have you/Has your child had a fever in the last 48 hours?

Sanitizing Locations and Cleaning Procedures

• Hand sanitizer can be found in the following places in the Frist Learning Center:

• One station in every classroom

• One on each floor by the elevator

• One at the entrance to the building on the ground floor

• One outside the Frist Learning Center where campers are dropped off/picked up.

• Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized every morning before campers arrive and during lunch at 12:30 pm when campers are outside. The following items in the building will be cleaned and sanitized: tables and chairs in classrooms, doorknobs, sinks, countertops, bathrooms and other high touch areas.

• Each classroom will have sanitizing products for camp staff to use to clean shared materials.

• Bathrooms will be well equipped with soap and paper towels to ensure proper hand cleaning. Signs provided by the CDC will be in each restroom with detailed information about proper hand washing.

Camp Materials

• In their first class of the day, campers will receive a bag filled with general use materials that they will use for the week. These materials are not to be shared and the bags must stay at Cheekwood at all times.

• Other materials needed for camp projects will be prepped by instructors and will be handed out to campers the day they will be used to minimize cross contamination.

• Any shared items will be sanitized between use.

Camper Illness Policy

Your child must remain free of fever or vomiting for 48 hours before returning to camp. The 48 hours begins when the child last vomits or when the fever has broken and remains in a normal range without the assistance of medication. Cheekwood does not refund missed camp days in the event of illness.

Monday Check-in

• We will be implementing a staggered check in on Monday mornings:

• Families with a last name beginning with A-M should plan to arrive at 8:30 am for the morning session and 12:30 pm for the afternoon session

• Families with a last name beginning with N-Z should plan to arrive at 8:40 am for the morning session and 12:40 for the afternoon session

• Parents are to park and accompany their camper to the check-in table. Both parents and campers should have a mask on at this time, due to close contact with camp staff. Once through the check-in process, campers will be escorted in to the building by camp staff; parents will not enter the building.

• At check in table, parents/campers will be asked the three health screening questions, staff will take the camper’s temperature, and make sure that the camper has a mask, refillable water bottle, and nut-free snack and/or lunch. Campers will receive a green Cheekwood Summer Camp bandana, which can be used throughout the week as a face covering, if necessary.

• The camp staff at check-in will reiterate the importance of the illness policy in addition to the tree nut and peanut/all nut policy.

Tuesday- Friday Drop Off

• Parents drive around loop road to parking lot C, where they will be met by camp staff. Camp staff will take the camper’s temperature and ask the health screening questions before they exit the car. Parents should only exit the car if a camper needs help getting out; please note that camp staff will not touch any part of the car. Should parents need to assist their camper, we ask that they wear a mask while outside the car.

• Campers must have a face mask, water bottle, and a nut-free snack/lunch with them in order to attend camp.

Pick Up

• Please note that carpool may take a bit longer to accommodate changes made with safety in mind.

• All campers who will be picked up at carpool will spread out on the lawn outside the studios of the FLC.

• Guardians should only exit the car if a camper needs help getting in; please note that camp staff will not touch any part of the car. Should guardians need to assist their camper, we ask that they wear a mask while outside the car. Camp staff will check the car tags and call the camper names for pick up.

• Instructors will walk camper over to their car and record the guardian name on their sign out sheet.

Morning Care/After Care

• For morning care, beginning at 8:00 am, a staff member will be in the parking lot to check in campers arriving for morning care. The camper should stay in the car through the temperature check and health screening. The camp staffer will then send the camper to the studio area without the guardian needing to leave their car.

• For After Care, camp staff will be outside on the FLC porch checking car tags as guardians drive up. Guardians should remain in their cars, only exiting if camper needs assistance getting in to the car.

• We will not be offering single day extended care as an option this summer. If spots are available, guardians may sign their camper up on Mondays for the week.

• Weather permitting, extended care will take place outside and in the Children’s Garden.

• We encourage campers to bring a book or other activity for extended care, as materials will not be provided.

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