The Bracken Foundation Children’s Garden

Children's Garden at Cheekwood

Help us Grow

Something magical is growing at Cheekwood. Nestled between the Frist Learning Center —Cheekwood’s education hub— and Howe Garden, plans are underway to enhance the magic of Cheekwood for its youngest visitors. In realization of a cornerstone of The Cheekwood Campaign, we are delighted to announce the future Bracken Foundation Children’s Garden at Cheekwood. Made possible by a lead gift, this gift was structured as a challenge to raise an additional $2 million in endowment for the care and maintenance of the garden, prior to its anticipated groundbreaking. Now that it has met the challenge goal, Cheekwood will continue to raise funds for both construction and endowment of the garden.

The Children’s Garden will be a new and exciting permanent family feature at Cheekwood, with the goal of being a welcoming and accessible reflection of Cheekwood’s unique offerings of gardens, nature, art, and history.

The Children’s Garden will welcome a new generation of children to Cheekwood.

Plant the Seed

The Bracken Foundation Children's Garden at Cheekwood

There are many ways to support the Children’s Garden. From gifts in honor of a child in your life to a touching memorial to those who love them, there are opportunities at every level to celebrate the wonder of childhood and the magic of Cheekwood.

Gifts of $5,000 and above will be recognized as Founding Families, taking part in exciting behind-the-scenes previews and opening events. These pledges may be paid over a period of up to three years.

Contributions of $50 or more made by February 1, 2020, will be recognized on a digital screen in our Visitor Center, Botanic Hall, in March 2020, to coincide with the opening of the garden.

Donate Now Pledge Now to Pay Later

For more information or to make a pledge please contact Kristin Paine at 615.353.6993 or

Giving Opportunities

$25,000 Gate Openers

  • Naming opportunity for a new boutique feature in the Children’s Garden
  • Invitation to Children’s Garden Opening Preview for Founding Families
  • Acknowledgement on Children’s Garden signage and website

$5,000 ‘Seed’ Funding

  • Family listing in the Children’s Garden
  • Invitation to Children’s Garden Opening Preview for Founding Families
  • Acknowledgement on Children’s Garden signage and website

$10,000 Helping Hands

  • Family dedication in the Children’s Garden
  • Invitation to Children’s Garden Opening Preview for Founding Families
  • Acknowledgment on Children’s Garden signage and website

Other Opportunities

Want to help little visitors in a big way? Contributions to The Bracken Foundation Children’s Garden are greatly appreciated at any level. For more information please contact Kristin Paine at 615.353.6993 or

We've Got Strong Roots

Cheekwood thanks our generous Founding Families and supporters who are helping to bring the magic of The Bracken Foundation Children’s Garden at Cheekwood to life:

Founding Families

HCA Healthcare, proud education sponsor of Cheekwood

The Hunt Family
Sally & Jim Hunt

The Scarlett Family

The Stowe Family
Sherri & Barry Stowe

The Webb Family
Becky & Jimmy* Webb



The Turner Family
Barbara & Rick Turner

Ayers Foundation

The Russell Family
Anne & Joe Russell

The Byrd Family
Elena & Barney Byrd

The Sandra Schatten Foundation

The Beckham Family
Melissa & Rob Beckham

The Frankenberg Family
Beth & Paul Frankenberg

The Karyn Frist Family
Karyn Frist

The Helman Family
Joellyn & Eric Helman

The Huddleston Family
Mary & Paul Huddleston

The Pfeffer Family
Pam & Phil Pfeffer, Laura & Jamie Pfeffer

The Wilt Family
Lucianne & Toby Wilt

Gate Openers

The Adams Family
Amy & Kenneth Adams IV

The Allen Family
Mary Lauren & Lawson Allen

The Bentley Family
Cassidy & Dierks Bentley

The Bone Family
Sacha & Charles Robert Bone

The Bovender Family
Sara & Richard Bovender

CoreCivic Foundation

The Denton Family
Alice & Walton Denton

The Economic Club of Nashville

The Frist Family
Ashley & Harrison Frist

The Frist Family
Elizabeth & Bryan Frist

The Haley Family
Connie & Carl Haley

The Hand Family
Kailey & J.R. Hand

The Horticultural Society of Middle Tennessee

The Inman Family
Shaun & Gordon

The Johnson Family
Denice & Milton Johnson

The Kidd Family
Corinne & Brock Kidd

The McKeon Family
Adrianne & Casey McKeon

Merrill Lynch

The Moore Family
Margie & Jackson Moore

The Morris Family
Sondra Morris

The Paine Family
Tree & Lance Paine

The Paisley Family
Kimberly & Brad Paisley

The Louie M. & Betty M. Phillips Foundation

The Sifford Family
Dorothy & Clay Sifford

The Snedeker Family
Mandy & Brandt Snedeker

The SunTrust Foundation

The Taylor Family
Anne & Marshall Taylor

The Thompson Family
De & Jamie, Margaret & John

Helping Hands

The Abramson Family
Vandana & Rick Abramson

The Awh Family
Grace & Carl Awh

The Biscan Family
Evelyn, Dana & Jennifer Biscan

The Burns Family
Barbara & Greg Burns

The Cooper Family

The Cornelius Family
Kate & Jon Cornelius

The Estes Family
Kathleen & Alec Estes

The MacLeod Family
Jane & Don MacLeod

The Miller Family
Sharalena & Dick Miller

The Palmer Family
Christine & John Palmer

The Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee

The Ryerson Family
Polly & Alex Ryerson

The White Family
Barby & Govan White

‘Seed’ Funding

The Alexander Family
Tori & Dave Alexander

The Altman Family
Louisa & Joe Altman


The Armstrong Family
Lexie & James Armstrong

The Barnett Cheek Family
Kathryn Barnett & Will Cheek III

The Bartholomew Family
Sarah & Bo Bartholomew

The Bolton Family
Courtney & John Bolton

The Cloud Family
Molly & Jay Cloud

The Colclasure Family
Ashley & Ethan Colclasure

The Cook Family
Ashley & Joe Cook

The Cuffe Family
Rowena & Michael Cuffe

The Dehner Family

The DeMarcus Family
Allison & Jay DeMarcus

The Ewald Family
Trina & Mark Ewald

The Flack Family
English & Jonathan Flack

The Ghertner Family
Shea & Doug Ghertner

The Grace Family
Catherine & Frederick Grace

The Hull Family
Jody & Rob Hull

The Jackson Family
Lauren & Edmund Jackson

The Laborde Family
Blair & Cregan Laborde

The Leeper Family
Kim & Jeff Leeper

The McNeilly Family
Caroline & Rob McNeilly

The Miller Family
Crystal & Daniel Miller

The Neal Family
Melanie & Shane Neal

The Omary Family
Lesley & Reed Omary

The Paine Family
Kristin & Carter Paine

The Perkins Family
Laura & Matt Perkins

The Perry Family
Sara & Craig Perry

The Rick Family
Melissa & Wade Rick

The Rooney Family
Tiffany & Joe Don Rooney

The Saunders Family
Alexee & Ted Saunders

The Shields Family
Sheila & Nelson Shields

The Spalluto Family
Lucy & Michael Spalluto

The Staley Family
Chris & Clay Staley

The Talbert Family
Jill & Daniel Talbert

The Tolbert Family
Amanda & Brian Tolbert

The Unger Family
Kelly & Jacob Unger

The Van Mol Family
Marcie & Derek Van Mol

As of October 2, 2019

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