250k Tree Day - Cheekwood
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What am I hoping to do by planting a tree?

  • Provide beauty.
  • Increase shade.
  • Create privacy.

What site factors am I dealing with?

  • Fencing
  • Overhead Powerlines
  • Underground utility lines
  • Proximity to house

What is the right tree for my site?

  • Consider the size at maturity.
  • What is the shape and form of the tree?
  • Is the tree deciduous or evergreen?

Is the tree for my yard or for my street?If you intend to plant the tree to enhance the beauty of your street, there may be certain criteria to consider or even a form to submit. Please check with your local government or urban forestry organization. For Nashville, visit http://www.nashville.gov/Public-Works/Community-Beautification/Tree-Information/Planting-in-the-Right-of-Way.aspx.


Pictured: Tulip Tree  (Liriodendron tulipifera)
Why plant trees?

  • Cool the earth! Trees can reduce our air conditioning costs.
  • Trees can trap pollutants, dust, and pollen, cleaning the air we breath.
  • Trees provide habitats and food for wildlife.
  • Trees increase productivity and happiness and decrease stress.
  • Trees increase property value.


Pictured:  Eastern Redbud On February 24, 2018, we’re partnering with the Tennessee Environmental Council in 250k Tree Day, a nation-wide initiative to plant 250,000 native tree seedlings across Tennessee as part of the largest community tree planting event in Tennessee history, and in the United States.

To participate, sign up to reserve your native tree bundles. You must pre-register for your seedling bundles by midnight on February 18. Click here to register.  Bundles will be prepackaged containing one each of five different tree species. The five species include Tulip Poplar, Redbud, Northern Red Oak, Persimmon and Loblolly Pine.

This year, we are proud to be hosting as a pick-up site for tree seedlings. If you have registered for your trees, visit Cheekwood’s main entrance on Friday, February 23 from 9am – 5pm, or Saturday, February 24 from 9am – 11am to pick up your seedlings. Join us all weekend long as we partner with TEC to plant more trees!

Register, donate, or learn more here:  https://tectn.org/250ktreeday/.

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