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Senior Team

Jane O. MacLeod: President/CEO

Daniel Miller: Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth A. Murdock: Chief Operating Officer

Penny Bruckse: Vice President of Human Resources

Peter Grimaldi: Vice President of Gardens & Facilities

Nathalie Lavine: Vice President of Education & Outreach

Sarah Sperling: Vice President of Museum Affairs

Cheekwood Senior Team 2023

2024 Board Officers

Ronald Roberts

Ronald Roberts


Ronald Roberts is a managing partner for Finn’s Nashville Office and leads its client retention program. He is a member of DVL Seigenthaler’s crisis communications team and is certified in crisis communications management via the Institute for Crisis Management. He also specializes in media training, message development, media relations and strategic planning and has expertise in corporate communication and conflict resolution. He has also provided counsel and direction for clients in the development and implementation of DEI and DEI-related programs. Ronald has been inducted to the Middle Tennessee State University, College of Mass Communication’s Wall of Fame, and was recognized as a 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee Distinguished Member.

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Matthew Kisber_web

Matthew Kisber

Vice Chair

Matthew Kisber is a co-founder of Silicon Ranch and served as CEO of the company until becoming Chairman in July 2019. Matt brings a unique background to Silicon Ranch having been a business owner and having served eight years as Tennessee Commissioner of Economic Development. Matt is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and served 10 terms in the Tennessee House of Representatives.  In the private sector, Matt grew up in his family’s Jackson, TN department store business. Matt has also served as Chairman of the Tennessee Business Roundtable, the Adventure Science Center’s board, the Nashville Public Library Foundation, Studio Bank and is a founding board member and former Chairman of the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council.

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Josh Trusley


Josh Trusley is a partner at Ernst & Young, where he leads audit engagements for public and private companies, assists companies with capital raising activities, M&A, and leads consulting engagements related to the deployment of new technologies. Josh has served on the Cheekwood Finance Committee since 2020, and his wife, Brooke, serves on the Outreach and IDEA Committee. He was recognized as one of Nashville Business Journal’s 40 under 40 in 2018.

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Katherine Crosthwaite_web

Katherine Crosthwaite


Katherine Crosthwaite studied Theatre at University of Tennessee from 1978 to 1980 and then Columbia College from 1920 to 1982.

Katherine worked at Continental American Insurance in Columbia, South Carolina from 1982 until 2009 as a Corporate Secretary and Event Planner.  She was involved with the Junior League of Columbia and a community volunteer and Tiffany Circle donor at the American Red Cross.

She is married to Keith Crosthwaite and has one child, John Crosthwaite.

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2024 Board of Trustees

Elizabeth N. Akers

Seth Bernstein*

Clay Blevins

Martin Brown, Jr.

Kate Burke

Lucie Cammack

Katherine Goodall Crosthwaite (Secretary)*

Katie Crumbo*

David K. Curtis

Lisa DeBartolo

Jay DeMarcus

Mary Taylor Gallagher*

Alberto R. Gonzales*

Carl T. Haley, Jr.*

Mike D. Johnson

Larry Keele

Matt Kisber (Vice Chair) *

Lisa Kranc*

Neil Krugman*

Hal Lawton*

Robert Lipman

Vicki McCluggage

Sherri Neal

Dee Patel

Sam Patel

Deborah K. Pitts*

Ben L. Rechter

Ronald Roberts (Chair)*

Bobby Rolfe*

Julie Carell Stadler

Barry Stowe*

Josh Trusley (Treasurer)*

Mimi Vaughn

Cameron Wells

Linde Wilson

Ryan McLaughlin Wood

*Executive Committee Member

Antiques and Garden Show 230220

Representatives to the Board

Steve Sirls (Antiques & Garden Show)
Chris Simonsen (ECON)
Carla K. Nelson (Horticultural Society of Middle Tennessee)
Sissy Wilson (Swan Ball)
Stephanie Biggs (Board Intern, Young Leaders Council)

Advisory Board

Jacky Akbari
Terry Cook
Yuri Cunza
Deana Ivey
Carolyn McHaney Waller

Trustees Emeriti

William F. Andrews, Jr.

Grace Awh

Barbara T. Bovender*

Lillian R. Bradford

Joan Cheek

Barbara T. Freeman

Cathy Jackson

Gigi Lazenby

Lisa Manning

Ellen H. Martin

Robert A. McCabe, Jr.

Anne L. Russell

George B. Stadler

Paul Sternberg, Jr.

Dudley White

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