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From terraced gardens inspired by international travels to spaces dedicated to study and preservation, the gardens at Cheekwood have something to peak everyone's interests. Discover the large variety of blooms and foliage our estate has to offer and take in the natural beauty of this historic landscape.

Blevins Japanese Garden 2021

Blevins Japanese Garden (Shōmu-en)

Designed by David Harris Engel, this Japanese-style tea garden guides visitors on a meditative journey to an idyllic scene of a mountain retreat.

Bracken Foundation Childrens Garden 1

Bracken Foundation Children's Garden

Beautiful and horticulturally diverse, this garden featuring numerous interactive features that are engaging for all ages.

Bradford Robertson Color Garden CaitlinHarris Summer2016 1

Bradford Robertson Color Garden

A tribute to our universal love of color, we invite you walk through the sweeping curves of this garden and enjoy a collection of colorful flowers.

Burr Terrace Garden IMG 1765 3 1

Burr Terrace

Created to resemble the oldest surviving botanical garden in the world, this garden will transport you to a beautiful, Italian scene.

Carell Dogwood Garden

Carell Dogwood Garden

Planted under a hardwood canopy, this garden displays many selections of Cornus species and is the centerpiece of our Nationally Accredited Cornus Collection®.

Herb Study Garden 2019

Herb Study Garden

A project of the Herb Society of Nashville, this garden is devoted to the study and evaluation of herbal plants in Middle Tennessee.

Howe Garden PAUL MOORE cheekwood 3007 copy

Howe Garden

This garden is one of the most beloved gardens at Cheekwood as it pays tribute to Mrs. Cora Howe and showcases her love of wildflowers.

Martin Boxwood Gardens

Martin Boxwood Gardens

Surrounding our elegant, Georgian-style mansion,  this garden is comprised of terraced gardens with extensive plantings of boxwoods.

Robinson Family Water Garden 2019 June Cheekwood Summer

Robinson Family Water Garden

If you love peaceful, cascading water sounds, this serene water garden is a must-see at Cheekwood.

Rose Study garden 2019August Summer DSC2632 1 scaled

Rose Study Garden

One of the newest gardens on our property, this green space is dedicated exclusively to America’s official flower – the rose.

Sigourney Cheek Literary Garden spring 1

Sigourney Cheek Literary Garden

This garden honors the late Sigourney Cheek and serves to inspire literacy through reading, writing and reflective thought.

Turner Seasons Garden

Turner Seasons Garden

Focusing on the seasonal aspect of the landscape in Tennessee, this garden features everything from summer blooms to winter berries.

Wills Perennial Garden IMG 0852 1 scaled

Wills Perennial Garden

Dedicated to iris breeder and author, Jesse Wills, this garden displays new and traditional perennials, as well as bearded irises.


With over 130 species of trees and shrubs across our 55 acre estate, our Arboretum provides a serene place to unwind and take in the beauty of nature. Explore our property and learn more about your favorite species and Cheekwood's conservation efforts.

The Arboretum at Cheekwood was awarded a Level 4 accreditation with the regional organization, Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC) in 2010. In 2020, the estate was granted a Level II status by the global organization, ArbNet and will apply for a Level III status in 2022. Within the over 2,100 trees on the property, Cheekwood has documented 1,267 deciduous trees; 576 evergreens; 16 deciduous conifers; and 238 dogwoods.

Cheekwood’s three primary tree collections include the Nationally Accredited Cornus Collection™, the historic collection, and trees native to the southeastern United States. The one-of-a-kind collection of dogwoods weave together a series of distinct gardens along the property’s eastern ridge, ending at the base of the Mansion & Museum, the property’s historic core. The landscape is embraced by a woodland sculpture trail, with a fourteen-acre forest that serves as the primary venue for the native tree collection. As both a botanical garden and arboretum, we strive to always provide something new to explore, appreciate, and astonish, while preserving that which is historically sacred.

Emerald Ash Borer Response Program

Made to manage and protect a large population of native ash trees, our Emerald Ash Borer Response Program is helping conserve this species for future generations to observe, study, and enjoy.

Virtual Arboretum Tours

Can’t make it to Cheekwood in person? Enjoy a self-guided, virtual tour through Cheekwood’s Arboretum.

What’s Blooming?

From the very front gates to the back of the property, here is a list of everything blooming in our gardens this season.

Plant Collections

Cheekwood’s maintains collections of specific taxa and plant groupings including the historic boxwood, dogwood, herb, hydrangea, southeastern native, and redbud. Plants are labeled to convey both scientific and common names, family names, native origin and are mapped using GIS software.

2019 Bloom CaitlinHarris DSC3205 scaled
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