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Are you planning to attend our newest dog-friendly event, “Pawliday” at Cheekwood, on December 8th? Be sure to capture the pawfect photo of your furbaby with Santa by checking out these 5 tips:

1. Take advantage of the natural light!

No need to scare your pup by using flash! Natural light is great for photos, especially if it’s a cloudy day. Santa will be hanging out in our Frist Learning Center Courtyard, which is the perfect spot to take advantage of the natural lighting!

2. Bring something to get your pup’s attention!

Does your pup go crazy for treats? Do they have that one special toy they can’t get enough of?? Use what your pup loves to get their attention when it’s time to get your shot!

3. Use the best setting on your camera or phone to capture the right moment!

It can be hard to get our four-legged friends to look at the camera, so be prepared by using a setting that will continuously capture the moment. Use the sports mode setting on your camera or use the “live” feature when taking photos on your phone of your four-legged friends!

4. Take photos from your dog’s perspective!

Get down at eye level with your dog to get the best point of view. Your pup is the focal point after all, so be sure to capture them at plenty of angles. Using different perspectives will give you tons of options to choose from once it’s time to post!

5. Edit your photos to add fun filters and effects!

There are several apps available that can help you edit your photos with preset filters. Even our phones have the ability to edit photos with basic settings anyone can use. Jazz up photos of your pups before posting them to really make them insta worthy!

We can’t wait to see all the good boys (and girls) at our first ever holiday dog event! Learn more about “Pawliday” at Cheekwood by visiting our calendar page here.

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