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Tots! Activity: Used Container Planters

As Cheekwood’s Tots program is temporarily suspended, we are sharing today’s activity for parents and tots to activate at home. Use our files to create your own used container planter, then share your work with us by tagging @cheekwood on Instagram and using #cheekwoodtots!

Here’s what you’ll need:• Various containers (cans, fruit cups, etc.)

• Other recycled materials and craft supplies

• Soil

• Water

• Seeds (grass, chia)

• Hammer and nail

Directions:1. If using a can, use the hammer and a nail to put drainage holes in your container. If using something plastic, use something sharp to put drainage holes in your container.

2. Decorate the container with other recycled materials and craft supplies. We put faces on ours.

3. Let your tot fill the container with soil.

4. Add seeds and cover with a little soil. If you use grass or chia seeds, your planter will look like it’s growing hair!

5. Show your tot how to water their new plant.

6. Check on the plant every day to water it and watch it grow.

Try pairing the activity with one of these books:
Be a Maker by Katey Howes

Stuff!: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Steven Kroll

Made by Maxine by Ruth Spiro

Ask your artist: • Why do you think we needed to put holes in the bottom of your planter?

• What do the seeds need to grow?

• Tell me things that you use everyday and throw away when you are done. Do you put any in recycling containers? Could you?

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