Graphic Design Intern - Aisy Nix - Cheekwood
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Hello! My name is Aisy Nix and I have had the pleasure to work as Cheekwood’s Graphic Design Intern this summer and fall. I began in June 2022, and I will be leaving in December as soon as my semester ends. I am currently a senior at the Unviersity of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I am working to complete a BFA in Graphic Design, with plans to graduate in the Spring of 2023. Throughout my time at university, I have continuously refined my skills as a designer and creative. Before interning at Cheekwood, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, working as a design intern for Blending Magazine, an Italian art and design publication. I have also worked for a student-run fashion and lifestyle publication in Chattanooga called Strike Magazine. I began as a graphic designer my sophomore year, and I am now the Editor in Chief. Aside from graphic design, I also have a love for garment and textile design.

Why did you want to come to Cheekwood?

I have been visiting Cheekwood Gardens for as long as I can remember. I have many fond memories at Cheekwood with family and friends. From the Chihuly in 2010, to COLORSCAPES in 2022, Cheekwood has always been a source of inspiration for me as a designer. When I saw the intern position at Cheekwood, I knew I had to apply. The idea of working for a non-profit organization I had been visiting for years excited me. I knew that Cheekwood would give me the opportunity to explore different realms of design such as branding, marketing, and advertising. Aside from honing my craft, I knew this internship would also give me the opportunity to meet so many personable, likeminded individuals.


What is your favorite garden at Cheekwood?

My favorite garden at Cheekwood is the Scultpure Garden. I love the immersive experience it brings, as if you are entering a different world. Each sculpture is incredibly unique and equally compelling. The 1.5 mile Carrell Trail is the perfect distance to take a walk and clear your mind. I have come to this trail many times to film social media content, enjoy the sculptures, and even read. My favorite sculpture is Sophie Ryder’s Crawling Lady Hare.

What is your favorite part of Cheekwood?

My favorite part of Cheekwood is the inclusive events that are held year round, whether it be Thursday Night Out or Holiday LIGHTS, Cheekwood is always hosting events to gather the community of Nashville. I would always take the opportunity to visit campus when there was event going on. My favorite event this year has been the Stolen Faces live show during Thursday Night Out. I also love participating in Cheekwood’s Wellness 360 workshops. There are so many classes to choose from, and they are all taught by friendly, knowledgeable instructors.

What does an average day at Cheekwood look like?

One of my favorite parts of working at Cheekwood is visiting the beautiful campus. I would often visit the gardens or mansion to design digital and print advertisements on my laptop. I also loved working on campus because it is always so lively. When I wasn’t working on designing ads, I would either be filming social media content in the gardens or working with the marketing team to promote Cheekwood’s events. Every aspect was more than enjoyable.

What are your future plans?

After my internship, I will work as Editor in Chief for Strike Magazine as I complete my final semester at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I seek to attend graduate school to study Textile Design in the Fall of 2023. My goal is to obtain as much experience as possible in both graphic and fashion design to ultimately work as an editor for a fashion publication.

What did you learn during your internship at Cheekwood?

My time at Cheekwood has been the most incredible experience. I learned something everyday working with so many talented individuals. I further refined my technical design skills, learned about marketing tactics, and developed an interest in social media advertisement. I am grateful to have had this opportunity.

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