Mansion Restoration Update | Cheekwood Estate & Gardens in Nashville, TN
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The restoration of Cheekwood’s historic rooms and gardens and the endowment for their care and maintenance have been made possible with generous support from the Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation, the Bovender Family, Mr. and Mrs. William F. Andrews Jr., and the Founding Members of The 1929 Club.Although it goes without saying, we look forward to sharing these spaces with you on June 17, as the historic restoration debuts with Dressing Downton: Changing Fashion for Changing Times. Timed ticketed entry is required to tour the Dressing Downton exhibition, so be sure to reserve your tour time here.Experience the newly restored Cheekwood Mansion all year long by becoming a Cheekwood member. Join today!

For more information about the history of the Cheekwood Mansion, click here.To better your experience, we are installing a new Visitor Services area on the Ground Floor that will allow our team to help you make the most of your time in the mansion, as you journey through the historic rooms and gallery spaces. Further, and most importantly, we have researched and developed interpretive stories that, combined with the furnished spaces, will transport you to another time and assist in creating an atmosphere of life during the 1930s at Cheekwood. These stories will be conveyed through interpretive signage displayed in key areas throughout the mansion, as well as by docents and tour guides. There are countless stories to tell of life at Cheekwood, some of which are only partially known. As our research continues to develop, we look forward to sharing new and engaging narratives with you as you visit time and time again.We are in the home stretch of the major restoration that has been taking place at Cheekwood since January. Soon we will be opening our doors to the public and welcoming you to the new and improved Cheekwood Mansion. With less than a month to go, the majority of the historic restoration and furnishing work is complete – paintings are on the walls, furniture is in place and the dining room table is set. There are just a few final surfaces to be polished and wrinkles to be ironed before the grand reopening on June 17.

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