November Volunteer Spotlight - Cheekwood
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Jenny and Lilly joined Cheekwood’s Family Team program as volunteers in early 2021 and have been active ever since! Being able to provide an opportunity for parent and child to engage in service, is a truly meaningful experience, which carries with it learning, skill development and shared joy. Jenny and Lilly are welcoming and warm to our visitors and families, helping them create fond memories of their visit at Cheekwood. A parent or legal guardian and child aged 10-15 can apply to join our Family Team program. Applications and volunteer information are located at this link:
Or for more information: [email protected]


Tell us a little about yourself, background
Jenny: I grew up in the Nashville area, we currently live in Franklin, TN. I’ve been married to my husband Joseph for 20 years and we have one daughter, Lilly. I have memories of coming to Cheekwood as a child to see the Christmas decorations and bringing my daughter to do art projects here as a preschooler.
Lilly: I was born in Nashville and I am a junior in high school.

What are your favorite hobbies, activities, or interests?
Jenny: Our family loves to travel. Lilly and I like to bake together and go to concerts.
Lilly: I really like listening to and playing music.

What is your favorite garden or area at Cheekwood and Why?
Jenny: I love the Children’s Garden. I think the statues are so whimsical and I love to see the families interacting with and enjoying that space.
Lilly: I like the Water Garden. It’s a great place to spend time.

Do you have a favorite art piece at Cheekwood, or, if not, a favorite exhibition that Cheekwood has hosted? Is there a reason you like it?
Jenny: I loved when the Chihuly exhibit, and the Holiday Lights exhibit overlapped a few years ago. That was so cool to see all the pieces lit up amid the holiday lights.
Lilly: I really liked the Colorscape exhibit this summer.

In what ways have you been involved as a volunteer with Cheekwood so far?
Jenny: We have volunteered as greeters, helped with the Easter Art Hop, Cheekwood Harvest in the pumpkin patch, and at Holiday Lights.

Why did you become a volunteer?
Jenny: We were looking for a place that Lilly and I could regularly volunteer together. We thought about all the places we love to visit that might need volunteers and Cheekwood came to mind. I visited the website and found out they have a family volunteer program, and it was a perfect fit for us.
Lilly: I wanted to find a place to volunteer outdoors, and Cheekwood’s gardens are a great place to do that.

What have you enjoyed the most about your volunteer experience?
Jenny: It’s been so nice to volunteer together, and that probably my favorite part. As your kids get older it can be a little harder to find activities to do together and spending time together volunteering at Cheekwood has been so great. Plus, it’s a lovely place to spend a few hours and everyone is so happy to be there.

Do you have any advice for individuals considering volunteering with Cheekwood?
Jenny: I would highly recommend it. Cheekwood’s Family Volunteer program is a great way to spend time with your family, show your children the importance of supporting their community, and you get to do all this while spending time at one of the most beautiful spots in Nashville.

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