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Root Nashville Partnership

Cheekwood is proud to partner with Root Nashville, a public-private campaign led by Metro Nashville and the Cumberland River Compact, to plant 500,000 trees across Davidson County by 2050. Through our partnership, we are offering a special opportunity for Cheekwood members and friends who live in Davidson County: you are eligible to sign up to receive up to 3 large native trees, delivered straight to your yard, all 100% free! Trees are 6 to 8 feet tall at the time of delivery, and in 10-to-15-gallon containers—they are BIG and will make an impact in your yard right away. Recipients are required to plant their own trees, and the holes must be dug before the trees are delivered. The Root Nashville team sends reminders, as well as hole-digging and planting instructions!

Sign up before Sunday, October 8 (first come, first served), and your trees will be delivered in the fall or winter.

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Cheekwood is committed to helping Root Nashville distribute trees to our members and friends.

Why plant trees?

Improve air quality
Help mitigate flooding
Cool down your neighborhood
Provide wildlife habitat
Improve water quality
Beautify your home
Increase your property value

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