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Tots! Activity: Buzzy Bee

As Cheekwood’s Tots program is temporarily suspended, we are sharing today’s activity for parents and tots to activate at home. Use our files to create your own buzzy bee, then share your work with us by tagging @cheekwood on Instagram and using #cheekwoodtots!

Here’s what you’ll need:• Black, yellow and white paper

• Scissors

• Black marker, crayon or colored pencil

• Bee wing template
*See template below

• Glue stick

• Various sized round items

Bee Template  

Directions:1. Trace two small circles on white paper for eyes. Draw a smaller circle on each for the pupil. For the eyes, we used a milk cap and a glue stick cap for the pupils, but anything round will do! Cut the eyes out and set it aside.

2. Trace one large circle on yellow paper for the bee body. For this, we used a bowl about 8 inches in diameter. Cut it out and set it aside.

3. From black construction paper, cut four long strips, two short ones, and a small triangle. These will be the stripes, antennae, and stinger.

4. Print out the wing template and cut out the wings. Optional: before cutting out the wings, fold the template accordion style.

5. Assemble your bee! You can trim the bee’s stripes if desired.

6. Using a pencil, roll the antennae a little, so it curves outward.

Try pairing the activity with one of these books:
The Honeybee Man by Lela Nargi and Kyrsten Brooker

Bee by Britta Teckentrup

The Very Greedy Bee by Steve Smallman

Ask your explorer: • Why do you think bees are important?

• Why do you think bees like flowers? What is pollen? What is nectar?

• What noise do bees make?

• What do bees make? What do you think they make it for? Honey for food and wax for building their comb.

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