August 13, 2022 – November 06, 2022



August 13 – November 6, 2022

INTERVENTIONS, an arts initiative focused on activating the mansion’s historic period rooms, aims to create a dialogue between the craftsmanship of the contemporary creative minds of today and the classical collections present within the Cheekwood mansion.

In the 1920s, the Cheek family traveled to England with architect Bryant Fleming to acquire architectural elements, furniture and décor for the Cheekwood Mansion, then under construction. Some ninety years later, artist Michael Eden finds inspiration in the Cheek’s collection.

Eden is known internationally for creating artworks that explore the abstract qualities of vessels, utilizing digital manufacturing and materials to redesign familiar historical objects. He earned an MPhil at the Royal College of Art in London, England, allowing him to explore how his interest in digital technology could be developed and combined with the craft skills he had acquired during his previous experience as a potter.

Made with 3D printing technology, the exhibition contains fifteen works, displayed throughout the period rooms in the Cheekwood Mansion on custom-made packing crates, as if they have just been delivered to the estate. The works serve as visual links to the historic objects, recorded activities and built environments of the Cheekwood site.

Michael Eden, Icons I and Icons II, 2018. Additive Layer Manufacturing from a high-quality nylon material with a soft mineral coating. Courtesy of Adrian Sassoon, London. Photography by Sylvian Deleu.

Supported by the Sandra Schatten Foundation

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