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As Cheekwood’s Tots program is temporarily suspended, we are sharing today’s activity for parents and tots to activate at home. Use our files to create your own colorful paintings, then share your work with us by tagging @cheekwood on Instagram and using #cheekwoodtots!

Here’s what you’ll need:• Frame templates
*See template below

• Paper

• Paint

• Paintbrushes or anything to manipulate the paint

Frame 1  Frame 2  Frame 3

Directions:1. Print out your favorite frame template or all three.

2. Paint or color the frame if you want or leave it as is.

3. Using brushes, fingers, cardboard, or any other utensils, tell your Tot to paint what they feel.

Try pairing the activity with one of these books:
I Feel Teal by Lauren Rille

The Museum by Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds

Ask your artist: • Which colors make you feel warm? Which colors make you feel cold?

• How does this color make you feel?

• Why did you choose these colors?

• How would your painting be different if you felt happy or sad?

• What is your favorite part of your picture?

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