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Herbal Horticulture

Installed in 1983, the Herb Study Garden is devoted to the study and evaluation of herbal plants. It was originally used to determine the types of herbal plants that can be successfully grown year-round in Middle Tennessee. This garden is a project of the Herb Society of Nashville, a unit of the Herb Society of America. This society is devoted to promoting the knowledge and use of herbs through educational programs, research, and sharing the experiences of its members with the community.

There are 7 themed sections within the Herb Study Garden:

  1. Culinary Herbs
  2. Blue Flowered Herbs with Gray & Silver Foliage
  3. Annual Display Bed, rotating seasonally
  4. Texture and Fragrance
  5. Herbs Used by Native Americans of Middle Tennessee
  6. Herbs Used by Early Colonists of Tennessee
  7. Mediterranean Herbs
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