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Spring Gardening Tips

Make the most of your time at home by freshening up your yard! Check out these spring gardening tips from our Plant Collections Manager, Shanna Jones.

1. Plant seeds. A lot of us may have seeds left over from last year or maybe someone gave you a store-bought seed packet or seeds sourced their own garden. Most likely, some of the seeds are still viable-meaning they will germinate. Start by planting them inside – it’s not entirely safe to plant tomatoes, peppers, and other summer vegetables outside just yet because of the cooler nighttime temperatures. The 2 week quarantine provides a perfect amount of time to sow seeds-use an empty egg carton, thin them and repot into bigger larger containers.

2. Begin a compost pile. Only food scraps, lawn clippings and leaves required!

3. Get ahead of the weeds. Pulling weeds can be extremely satisfying and therapeutic. The more weeds you can eradicate now, before they set seed, the less weed issues you’ll have in the months ahead.

4. Organize your gardening shed/ space. You’ll be glad you did. I always find that I feel more creative and inspired after I’ve organized my space. This is also a great way to take inventory of your supplies and tools.

5. Divide select perennials, like Hosta and Daylily, for instance. Some perennials can become overgrown and dividing them will help their performance by giving the plants more room to grow and absorb nutrients and water.

While we’ve enjoyed sharing our gardens with you, it’s now YOUR turn to share your garden with us.⁠ Tag us in your garden photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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