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Tots! Activity: Turtle Suncatchers

As Cheekwood’s Tots program is temporarily suspended, we are sharing today’s activity for parents and tots to activate at home. Use our files to create your own turtle suncatcher, then share your work with us by tagging @cheekwood on Instagram and using #cheekwoodtots!

Here’s what you’ll need:• Scissors

• Turtle part template
*See template below

• Crayons

• Hand pencil sharpener

• Wax paper

• Glue or tape

• Iron

• Dish towel or rag

Turtle Template  

Directions:1. Print out the turtle template and either color it in or cut it out and trace on colored paper.

2. Cut two same sized circles of wax paper for the shell.

3. Shave old crayons and arrange the shavings in a thin layer onto one piece of the wax paper. Place the other piece of wax paper on top when finished.

4. Iron the wax paper between two old towels until crayon is melted and the wax paper is fused. Check every few seconds to see when crayons melt.

5. Once cooled, attach turtle head, feet, and tail with tape or glue.

6. Punch a hole in your suncatcher and loop string through.

7. Hang your suncatcher in the window!

Try pairing the activity with one of these books:
Turtle and Tortoise Are Not Friends by Mike Reiss

Truman by Jean Reidy and Lucy Ruth Cummins

The Foolish Tortoise by Eric Carle

Ask your explorer: • Where do you think turtles live?

• Are there different kinds of turtles? Do you think their shells look different?

• Do you think a turtle can take its shell off? They cannot! It grows with them.

• How did we make the turtle shell in our craft? How did we get the crayons to melt?

World Turtle Day is Saturday, May 23! Download our World Turtle Day coloring sheet below:

Turtle Coloring Sheet

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