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Top Plant Picks June 2022

Summer is in full swing in our gardens! Cheekwood’s Plant Collections Manager, Shanna Jones, shares her top plant picks for June.

Ginkgo biloba ‘Magyar’ (Ginkgo / Maindenhair Tree)

Bloom Time: March – April

Sun Requirement:  Full sun – part shade

Water Requirement: Medium

Tolerates: Deer and pollution

Native to North America: No

Zones: 3 – 8

Other: Introduction from Princeton University. Excellent street tree! A male clone of G. biloba, it does not possess the stinky fruit.

Location: Frist Learning Center Courtyard


Athyrium niponicum var. pictum (Japanese Painted Fern)

Sun Requirement: Part shade – full shade

Water Requirement: Medium

Tolerates: Rabbits, deer, & heavy shade

Native to North America: No

Zones: 5 – 8

Other: Best red color shows in heavier shade; weeping habit.

Location: Burr Terrace Garden


Delosperma cooperi ‘WOWDOY3’ Wheels of Wonder® Orange Wonder (Ice Plant)

Bloom Time: spring – fall

Sun Requirement: Full sun

Water Requirement: Dry

Wildlife: Butterflies, moths, hoverflies, & bees

Tolerates: Poor Soils

Native to North America: No

Zones: 5 – 10

Other: Great water wise plant with an exceptionally long blooming period.

Location: Sigourney Cheek Literary Garden


Magnolia grandiflora ‘Southern Charm’ Teddy Bear® (Southern Magnolia)

Bloom Time: June – September

Sun Requirement: Full sun

Water Requirement: Medium

Wildlife:Seeds feed birds, squirrels, rabbits, & wild turkey

Tolerates: Acidic soils, wet soils

Native to North America: Yes

Zones: 7 – 9

Other: Largest native flower in North America.

Location: Weaver Walk


Boxwood macrophyla ‘Green Pillow’ (Littleleaf Boxwood)

Bloom Time: Insignificant

Sun Requirement: Full sun – part shade

Water Requirement: Medium

Tolerates: Rabbit & deer

Native to North America: No

Zones: 6 – 9

Other: A dwarf, cushion’y cultivar. 3ft. X 3ft. max size.

Location: Howe Garden: Wildings


Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf Hydrangea)

Bloom Time: May – June

Sun Requirement: Full sun – part shade

Water Requirement: Medium

Wildlife:Bees and butterflies

Tolerates: Some dry conditions

Native to North America: Yes

Zones: 5 – 9

Other: Wonderful cut flower! Amazing fall color. Native to the southeastern U.S.

Location: Carell Dogwood Garden: Hydrangea Trail


Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Sunset’ (Flowering Dogwood)

Bloom Time: April – May

Sun Requirement: Part shade

Water Requirement: Medium

Wildlife:Attracts long-tongued bees, short-tongued bees, wasps, flies, & butterflies

Native to North America: Yes

Zones: 5 – 9

Other: Larval host for cecropia silkmoth & spring azure butterfly. Striking variegated leaves.

Location: Museum Front Lawn


Lysimachia lanceolata ‘Burgundy Mist’ (Lance-leaved Loosestrife)

Bloom Time: June

Sun Requirement: Full sun – part sun

Water Requirement: Medium – dry

Wildlife:Short-tongue bees

Tolerates: Deer & heat

Native to North America: Yes

Zones: 4 – 8

Other: A great plant solution for weedy areas of the garden.

Location: Howe Garden

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