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Parking / Paths

We have reserved parking spaces in Parking Lot A for those with mobility challenges. The Cheekwood grounds are accessible by paved pathways, running throughout the gardens and leading up to the mansion. Several garden areas can be reached via stair-free options. Wheelchair ramps and an elevator are available at the Historic Mansion & Museum, however, certain paths may be narrow, uneven, or steep, and select rooms inside the mansion are inaccessible by wheelchair.


Accessible restrooms are located in each building.


Cheekwood provides manually operated wheelchairs as a courtesy to our guests. They are available on a first come, first served basis and can be checked-out from a representative in the Admissions Office.

Pre-Visit Planning Resources

Cheekwood has partnered with Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s TRIAD (Treatment & Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders) to develop resources designed to help families have a welcoming and enriching experience. As a TRIAD Community Partner, Cheekwood engages in a staff training, modifies existing programs, and develops evidence-based supports and resources for use by their guests. By providing support to families through direct teaching and practice, and by providing ongoing support to local organizations, TRIAD is developing a dynamic network to help families feel comfortable navigating their own community. From arriving at Cheekwood to touring the gardens to taking part in different activities, these Social Stories™ are meant to assist families as they prepare for their visit.

Cheekwood is an historic estate with changing elevations and certain uneven walkways and stairways.  Due to the historic nature of much of the gardens and Historic Mansion & Museum, some areas may present challenges to those in wheelchairs, strollers, or who have difficulty walking or climbing.  There are several areas that are not accessible for wheelchairs and strollers, including portions of the Historic Mansion & Museum.  Daytime visitors are permitted only on paved walkways, mulched trails, and mowed lawn areas.  Nighttime special event visitors should use only designated paved walkways.  Please do not climb in, on, or over any sculptures, walls, fountains, ponds, water features, or waterfalls, roped-off areas, or trees or any other plants, and always use caution for a safe and enjoyable visit.  An abundance of caution should be used while ascending and descending stairways and guests should always use handrails when available.

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