Carmen Herrera: Estructuras - Cheekwood
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Five boldly colorful, geometric sculptures by Cuban-born, American artist Carmen Herrera are featured in Cheekwood’s gardens. It’s an opportunity to celebrate this indomitable woman’s lifelong passion for creating art. Her skyrocketing ascent in popularity wasn’t realized until she reached the age of 89 and continued until her passing in 2022 at the age of 106. Her story is an inspiration to everyone confronting the challenges of age and gender.

The sculptures on display at Cheekwood are part of a series collectively entitled Estructuras (Structures.) Begun in the late 1960s, Estructuras were derived from paintings that, according to Herrera, were “really crying out to become sculpture.” Herrera’s work evokes a simultaneous sense of instability and order, encompassing symmetry and asymmetry, shadow and light, all of which convey movement and rhythm through a careful geometric balance of lines, forms, and color, teetering between the solidity of a three-dimensional sculpture and the weightlessness of an ethereal shape lifting off the ground.

Images: Carmen Herrera (Cuban-American, 1915-2022)
Featured: Angulo Azul, 2017, Acrylic and Aluminum, Courtesy the Estate of Carmen Herrera and Lisson Gallery.
Right: Untitled Estructura (Yellow), 1962/2015, Acrylic and aluminum, Courtesy the Estate of Carmen Herrera and Lisson Gallery.


Carmen Herrera: Estructuras

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