TROLLS: Save the Humans - Cheekwood
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Trolls: Save the Humans, Kamma Can. Courtesy Atlanta Botanical Garden.

TROLLS: Save the Humans by Thomas Dambo, features six young trolls who have noticed that the “small people” – which is what the trolls call humans – are disconnected from nature and have started harming the planet! The goal of the tribe is to help the humans rediscover nature and inspire them to be good stewards of earth.

A unique outdoor installation, the TROLLS exhibition blends art, nature and messages of sustainability. Six giant trolls are intertwined with Cheekwood’s unique gardens, trees and historic landscape for a one-of-a-kind storytelling experience.

About the Artist

Born in Odense, Denmark in 1979, artist Thomas Dambo’s mission is to create art that inspires people to explore, have adventures in nature, and show that recycled goods can be turned into something beautiful. Before embarking on the path of building larger-than-life troll sculptures, Thomas led a multi-faceted life that allowed him to express his creativity via music, street art, and scenic design. After graduating from the Kolding Design School in Kolding, Denmark, with a master’s degree in interactive design, Thomas began his journey of using recycled materials to create colorful art installations, building the foundation for his artwork. He currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Today, Thomas is known internationally for his larger-than-life Troll sculptures made from recycled wood. With over 100 sculptures all over the world, these Trolls have begun to have a life of their own. Popping up in Denmark, the USA, France, Germany, China, South Korea, Chile, and many more on the way, the message of sustainability and unlimited imagination have reached millions through in-person visits, shared photos, and international media coverage.

Trolls: Save the Humans, Rosa Sunfinger. Courtesy Atlanta Botanical Garden.

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Featured Image: Trolls: Save the Humans, Ibbi Pip. Courtesy Atlanta Botanical Garden.
Image Left: Trolls: Save the Humans, Kamma Can. Courtesy Atlanta Botanical Garden.
Image Right: Trolls: Save the Humans, Rosa Sunfinger. Courtesy Atlanta Botanical Garden.

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