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Thomas Dambo

About the Artist

Born in Odense, Denmark in 1979, artist Thomas Dambo’s mission is to create art that inspires people to explore, have adventures in nature, and show that recycled goods can be turned into something beautiful. Before embarking on the path of building larger-than-life troll sculptures, Thomas led a multi-faceted life that allowed him to express his creativity via music, street art, and scenic design. After graduating from the Kolding Design School in Kolding, Denmark, with a master’s degree in interactive design, Thomas began his journey of using recycled materials to create colorful art installations, building the foundation for his artwork. He currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Today, Thomas is known internationally for his larger-than-life Troll sculptures made from recycled wood. With over 100 sculptures all over the world, these Trolls have begun to have a life of their own. Popping up in Denmark, the USA, France, Germany, China, South Korea, Chile, and many more on the way, the message of sustainability and unlimited imagination have reached millions through in-person visits, shared photos, and international media coverage.

Meet the Trolls

The six trolls in the exhibition are:


Ronja Redeye

The smallest of the group, Ronja Redeye is a natural leader with a mighty voice. She speaks from her heart but understands that words have power. If there is one thing that makes Ronja’s eyes turn red, its hurtful words getting in the way of friendship.


Ibbi Pip

Ibbi Pip is handy, optimistic and a friend of all animals. She has seen how humans build birdhouses to bring birds closer to them, so Ibbi uses these colorful homes in an effort to inspire humans. She hopes that humans will consider and care about those they share the world with.


Sofus Lotus

Sofus Lotus pays attention to the little things and was the first one to notice something was wrong with the world. Nature was changing its rhythm and ways for the worse. Sofus uses his ears to listen to every crackle, thud and buzz. He feels nature and is mindful of all its beings.

2024May_Trolls_CHarris_DSC8990 (1)

Basse Buller

An explorer and rebel, Basse Buller tends to be all over the place. He interprets “No” as “Maybe” and sees that boundaries are to be pushed. Basse Buller is funny, loud, and uses muddy paint to spread his message to lead humans on the right path.


Rosa Sunfinger

Soft and shy, Rosa Sunfinger cares for plants and other creatures with her life-giving fingers. She spreads her wisdom by showing plants can bring joy back into forgotten places. Her sunny fingertips help flowers grow and thrive, which never stop making her smile.


Kamma Can

Where humans see trash, Kamma Can sees potential. She hopes to inspire humans to use the skyrocketing amount of “colorful eternity material” to be creative. You can see her example of this through the necklaces she made for herself and her best friend, Ronja Redeye.

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