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An Ode to Cora Howe

The Howe Garden is rich in historical significance and is one of the most beloved gardens at Cheekwood. With long-time support from the Garden Club of Nashville, the garden is a living tribute to Mrs. Cora Howe, showcasing her love of wildflowers and garden visitors.

After the passing of Mrs. Howe in 1969, her heirs donated the garden in its entirety to Cheekwood, establishing it as the first donated garden installation on the property. Cheekwood guests can experience many of the same native species Cora loved, including azaleas, trilliums, trout-lilies, Virginia bluebells, a variety of ferns, and a small colony of paw-paw trees. The endangered stinking cedar (Torreya taxifoia) also grows here, and has been part of an assisted migration effort since 1985. Visitors can also learn about our state-of-the-art rain garden which was a key element of the 2012 renovation.

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