Top Plant Picks January 2021 - Cheekwood
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Top Plant Picks January 2021

Kick off the new year by checking out a few of our featured plants! Cheekwood’s Plant Collections Manager, Shanna Jones, shares her top plant picks for January. Use this as your guide as you explore the grounds!

Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum)

Bloom Time: April

Sun Requirement: Sun – part shade

Water Requirement: Medium

Wildlife: Birds

Tolerates: Clay Soil

Native to North America: No

Other: Wonderful small specimen tree for winter interest with attractive exfoliating bark.

Zones: 4 – 8

Location: Arboretum – Edge of Parking Lot B


Weeping Yaupon Holly (Ilex vomitoria ‘Pendula’)

Bloom Time: April

Sun Requirement: Full sun – part shade

Water Requirement: Medium – wet

Wildlife: Birds

Tolerates: Variety of soils

Native to North America: Yes

Other: Evergreen, weeping form. Must have a male plant nearby for female plants to set fruit. Fragrant flowers.

Zones: 7 – 9

Location: Sigourney Cheek Literary Garden


Hardy Anise Shrub (Illicium parviflorum ‘Florida Sunshine’)

Bloom Time: May – June

Sun Requirement: Part shade – shade

Water Requirement: Medium – wet

Tolerates: Deer, wet conditions

Native to North America: Yes

Other: For winter color interest, this is a winner! Leaves emit an aromatic fragrance when crushed.

Zones: 6 – 9

Location: Bracken Foundation Children’s Garden


Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana)

Bloom Time: December – February

Sun Requirement: Full sun

Water Requirement: Dry – medium

Wildlife: Birds eat the berries

Tolerates: Deer, drought & erosion

Native to North America: Yes

Other: Wonderful native tree for evergreen screens and interest.

Zones: 2 – 9

Location: Robinson Water Garden / Ann and Monroe Carell Jr. Family Sculpture Trail


Braun’s Arborvitae Fern (Selaginella braunii)

Sun Requirement: Part sun – shade

Water Requirement: Medium

Tolerates: Deer & heavy shade

Native to North America: Yes

Other: This spikemoss is evergreen in Nashville and can act as a weed barrier. Adds interesting texture to the garden, resembling that of ocean coral.

Zones: 6 – 9

Location: Blevins Japanese Garden


Northern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)

Bloom Time: May

Sun Requirement: Part shade – full shade

Water Requirement: Medium

Wildlife: Birds. Black bears use large hollow trees for dens.

Tolerates: Heavy shade

Native to North America: Yes

Other: Attractive cones hang like ornaments. Mulch heavily in the winter months.

Zones: 3 – 7

Location: Arboretum – Lower Stream


Lantanaphyllum Viburnum (Viburnum x rhytidophyllum ‘Willowood’)

Bloom Time: April – May

Sun Requirement: Full sun – part shade

Water Requirement: Medium

Wildlife: Birds & butterflies

Tolerates: Erosion

Native to North America: No

Other: Attractive fall and winter color of gold, peach, and oranges.

Zones: 5 – 8

Location: Between the Carell Dogwood Garden & the Bracken Foundation Children’s Garden


Johnny-Jump Up (Viola ‘Tiger Eye’)

Bloom Time: September – May

Sun Requirement: Full sun – part shade

Water Requirement: Medium

Wildlife: Bees & butterflies

Tolerates: Cold weather

Native to North America: No

Other: A cool season annual, ‘Tiger Eye’ presents attractive markings and a pop of color.

Zones: 4 – 9

Location: Chihuly Installation – Scarlet and Yellow Icicle Tower

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