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Restore, Renew, Relax with Restorative Yoga

As part of our Cheekwood Harvest Wellness Wednesday series, we will offer a unique yoga experience with TRILUNA Wellness called Restorative Yoga. The class offers a deep, restorative, intensely relaxing and meditative way to reduce stress and increase flexibility. The class is focused on the release of stress and tension we carry in our bodies. Read on to find out what Ashley Brooke James and Elizabeth Moore, the directors of TRILUNA Wellness, have to say about this unique practice.

What is Restorative Yoga?

A restorative yoga class is a deeply relaxing and meditative experience. In a restorative yoga class we will hold poses between 3-5 minutes to encourage the body to go deeper into the pose in an effort to release tension, increase flexibility, and reduce stress.

What are the benefits?

This class is designed to allow our bodies to enter the parasympathetic nervous systems which is known as our “rest and digest” system. When the body is not processing external stressors it conserves energy as it slows the heart rate, increases intestinal movement and drives energy towards digestion. This practice is designed to encourage the body to slow down, conserve energy, and slow production of stress hormones in addition to increasing flexibility slowly over time. It’s perfect for all levels and gentle on joints and ligaments. The poses in this class are held longer, move at an extremely slow pace, and consist mainly of lying down. We like to think of it as an adult nap time.

Is this something I can do myself?

Absolutely! This class is designed with the beginner in mind. It gives us an opportunity to get familiar with our bodies and tune into the areas where we carry tension. Because the class is limited in poses, very comfortable, and mainly consists of lying down it’s easy to execute when in the comfort of our homes.

What inspired you to specialize in restorative yoga?

TRILUNA believes in a beginner’s mindset and what better way to introduce someone to yoga than with a class that offers some of the most comfortable yoga poses. We also noticed that most classes offered in our area are fast paced and largely for intermediate or advanced practitioners. We wanted to create a safe space for beginners and those looking to slow down and relax. We have a real passion for investing in wellness and not just fitness. Learning to slow down, meditate, control the breath, and relax is just as critical to our health as fitness is (in our opinion more so).

What should I wear?

Your pajamas! NO, really. Wear the most comfortable thing you own.

Tell us more about TRILUNA?

TRILUNA is a 100% female-owned company based in Nashville, TN on a mission to make wellness accessible and enjoyable. For everyone. We specialize in getting back to the basics so our classes are designed to cater to all levels of experience and fitness. We believe that an individual is only as well as their community which is why we take a new and unique approach in our wellness programs.

Our featured teacher for the series is Stacey Caron. Stacey is a 200hr certified yoga instructor whose teaching is focused on guiding her students on a journey to uncover the strength, vitality, and perfect balance. She strives to build powerful, yet mindful, flows that facilitate a journey inward. In class, you can expect an intelligent and creative sequence that offers a little bit of sweet surrender.


Experience the beauty of our Swan Lawn while joining fellow yogis in this practice. Restorative Yoga classes will be held at Cheekwood each Wednesday morning from September 23 – October 28 at 9:30 AM. To register, please visit our Wellness Wednesday page.

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